We provide customized recommendations in a positive and supportive environment

Katie Moore, RD, LDN

Founder and Registered Dietitian

Nutritious 4 Life, LLC was founded through love and passion of helping people live a healthier lifestyle and better manage their health conditions.  

Katie is an experienced dietitian/nutritionist who counsels clients with a full range of nutritional needs including weight management, sports nutrition, diabetes, cardiac health and GI disorders. Her experience includes inpatient and outpatient settings.

Holding degrees in Dietetics as well as Exercise Science and Health Promotion, Katie combines both areas of expertise to deliver top recommendations to clients. She has worked for The Clinical Practices of Dr. Michael D. Cirigliano at Penn Medicine, recognized by America's Top Doctors, Best Doctors in America, and Philadelphia Magazine's Top Docs. Katie has been featured on Fox 29 News Philadelphia, Yahoo.com, Stack.com, and Stack magazine. 

Katie enjoys running, biking, hiking, and skiing. She loves to cook, travel, and the outdoors. 

Nutritious 4 Life, LLC

Specialized Team

Our team is comprised of qualified Registered Dietitians specializing in medical nutrition therapy and nutrition counseling.

About Us

Nutritious 4 Life, LLC is committed to helping you find solutions for life. We teach you to balance healthy eating habits with exercise to achieve your goals.

Many diseases and health conditions are directly         impacted by eating habits and lifestyle choices. Our team of Registered Dietitians can help you develop therapeutic eating habits for a wide range of health conditions. 

We work in conjunction with other health care               professionals to develop the most comprehensive       treatment plan for your condition. 

Evidence Based Research

We utilize the best available research and expertise to make recommendations validated by science. Our team helps you separate fact from fiction.