Insurance Accepted

We accept the following insurance plans with little to no cost to the client:

Our nutritionists provide individualized nutrition plans for a variety of health problems including:

Acid Reflux



Celiac Disease

Colitis and Crohn's


Food Allergies

Food Intolerance

High Cholesterol

High Triglycerides 


Insulin Resistance 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome






Prenatal and Fertility 

Disease Specific

Studies show working with a dietitian helps people lose more weight and keep it off through regular guidance and support. 

Our dietitians listen to your goals and help you reach them through:

Identifying your calorie needs to optimize good nutrition and reach your weight goals.

Teaching you appropriate portion sizes for meals and snacks.

Helping to manage your hunger through nutrient dense foods.

Identifying habits preventing you from losing weight along with strategies to modify them.

And address nutrition insufficiencies with recommendations to promote optimal health.

Weight Management

Workers in industry exerting physical exercise should consider themselves industrial athletes. In order to keep up with demands of the job, including shift work and emergency response, our dietitians provide individualized nutrition plans to maintain peak performance and promote overall health. 

Nutrition Counseling Services

Our Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists provide nutrition counseling in the comfort and privacy of your home through video conferencing.

We work with you to:

  • Address all your nutrition related questions and concerns.

  • Personalize nutrition plans specifically for your health conditions, food preferences, and goals.

  • Educate with evidence based research to guide you towards achieving your goals. 

  • Provide ongoing support and motivation in a positive healthy way.

Nutritious 4 Life, LLC

3 months of Wellness Package

1 Initial session (60 mins) 

5 follow-up sessions (30 mins each, recommended every 2 weeks)

  • Our most comprehensive package at the best value
  • In-depth analysis of your current eating habits, medical history, medications, lab work, weight history, and exercise routine
  • Education and recommendations specific to your goals and health concerns
  • Personalized nutrition plan, recipes, and meal planning
  • Weekly goal setting to build new habits and overcome barriers
  • Emphasis on organization, preparation, and self discipline 
  • Motivation in a positive supportive environment

Cost: $399

Initial Session

During your initial session, which lasts about 1 hour, your dietitian will listen to your needs and answer any questions you have. Together we will review your eating and exercise habits, medical history, medications, recent lab work, and weight history.

Your dietitian will explain how foods affect your health, provide education, and give recommendations specific to your goals and health concerns. Together we will develop a nutrition plan that fits into your lifestyle.

You will receive a personalized nutrition plan along with recipesand meal planning suggestions. 

Cost: $175

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional, athletes have unique nutrition requirements. Our dietitians provide sports specific nutrition plans that enhance performance and promote optimal health. 

Sports Nutrition

1 session $65                      

3 sessions $165                 

5 sessions $300                  

Follow up sessions are utilized once the initial session

has been completed.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are an important part of achieving your goals. The study of nutrition is very complex and follow-ups provide necessary education pertinent to your health concerns. You will receive additional recommendations, strategies to overcome your barriers, and motivational support to exceed your goals.

Industrial Athletes